D&H Asphalt Paving, LLC.

Founded by Don Hopkins, D&H Asphalt Paving, LLC. has been providing quality paving and maintenance services throughout Cental Jersey since 1973. During that time, we have developed an extensive, well-established list of satisfied clients. When you contract with D&H Paving, Inc. we guarantee that you will join that list. Our equipment is top of the line and we use only the finest materials available. This, in addition to the fact that we do not subcontract any work, ensures that you will get the finest job possible… we guarantee it! We realize that you have a choice when selecting a paving contractor and making the decision is not always easy. Our representatives will assist you in all aspects of your next project down to the smallest detail. Our objective is to give you a “hassle-free” service at a competitive price, which will last for years to come. The company separates itself from the competition by our quality of work and emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our management and production personnel have over 250 years combined experience in the paving industry. This coupled with the use of the most modern techniques, latest equipment and best materials available, allows D&H Paving to outperform our competition in terms of quality and value for the dollar!

There are many benefits to paving a new driveway for your home. It can help keep down vegetation, add curb appeal, and help prevent dirt and debris from being tracked in to your home.

Residential asphalt paving consists of tearing out and replacing your existing driveway and overlay.

We begin by looking at the condition of the existing driveway. If you have a rock driveway, we grade it so the water is flowing away from the house. Getting water away from your home is very important for the life of your foundation. After we grade your driveway, we compact the stone and then install the hot surface asphalt.

Most driveways need 2½ inches of asphalt. Some driveways with heavier traffic may call for a heavier mix.

This will be determined when an estimate is given.

Getting a new asphalt driveway will make your home look better without raising your property taxes, which is good for your pocket. Call us for an estimate and make your home look better Today!